Press release

Press release

WakeUp Pictures presents TiniClon, the first real motion video game for tablets and smartphones.
WakeUp Pictures, a Digital Multiplatform Agency, released for iPad, iPhone and iPod an interactive App for children aged 3 to 6.

TiniClon brings real motion interactivity for the first time to mobile platforms, mixing traditional real image with actual video game interaction technology. The result is an App that invites children to learn through active participation.

Inside this exclusive gameplay, children become the main character. They can interact with real life animals, learn to recycle, play memory games and discover new things through different activities.

Available in 15 languages, TiniClon is also a great tool to introduce youngsters into foreign languages.

Outstanding features:

Real image: High visual quality production based on the experience of WakeUp Pictures, an award-winning video production company.

Interactivity: Players are the gameplay core, experiencing continuous interactions with real characters and animals. Learning becomes more effective.

Languages: App available in 15 languages​(American English, British English, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

Unique: Innovative application with a nonexistent gameplay format to the date.

Hope you enjoy it!

For more information contact us via email at:

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